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step It's fast and simple. Give us a description of your items.


step We will respond FAST, usually the same day.


step We pay by check, paypal, or bank transfer.

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Got Smart Phones For Sale?

If you're looking to buy or sell Smart Phones, you've found the right place!

iCollectPhones.com is a website for buying and selling all kinds of Smart Phones, including Smart Phones, Android Phones and LG Phones. Our mission is to help sellers learn what they have, and to help them buy and sell all kinds of Smart Phones.

iCollectPhones.com pays TOP DOLLAR for Apple iPhones, Blackberry Phones, Motorola Phones, Nokia Phones, and HTC Phones. Our Buyers spend thousands of dollars every week on Smart Phones. Let us answer any pre-sale questions you may have, and show you how simple, quick and safe it is to sell your Smart Phones.

When We Buy From You...

We can make payment to you via any of the following payment methods:

Company Check


Wire Transfer

Third Party Escrow (we use escrow.com)

Business References

Before selling to us, please feel free to verify our business and banking references:

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, 423-763-4355

Better Business Bureau, Member Services, 423-266-0396

Regions Bank, George Clark, VP Business Banking, 423-321-6638 (main office)

(please note that our company name is 2nd Markets Corp., this site is owned by 2nd Markets Corp - www.2ndMarkets.com)


Hi Jon.

Although I was hesitant at first, with the thought of sending several thousand dollars of goods to an unknown firm, I must say that after checking with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, and other sellers, I was convinced. After shipping the items to you, you promptly notified me of their safe arrival. Within a day, you mailed your company check for the amount you gave in your "quick quote." All in all, it was a smooth, courteous, fast transaction. I could not be more pleased.


John Farrar


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